Diesel Wheel Alignment & ADAS Calibration in Ottawa area

As specialists in diesel, we have the tools and technology to efficiently diagnosis and perform wheel alignments and ADAS calibrations. We are the guys you come to when your diesel truck needs a tune up and maintenance service.

To book a wheel alignment service, please call the shop at 613-774-6619.

There is no “guessing” as to what the problem is, we get to the root issue

Sophisticated wheel alignment ensures your vehicle leaves balanced

Reduce the time in repair by getting the right parts the first time


Issue with ADAS in your diesel vehicle?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in becoming common on most newer vehicles to enhance safety. This includes backup cameras, blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed adaptation, and other collision avoidance systems.

Malfunctions or errors can sometimes occur with this technology and not every shop is equipped with the diagnostics to identify or fix the issue.

We perform ADAS Calibrations to get your vehicle safety features working again.

For an ADAS calibration, contact the shop at 613-774-6619 for a complete diagnostic and service.