More Power at Precision Diesel

We can help you get up to 25% in fuel savings and 20-25% more power and torque with performance tuning! This service offering is available for diesel trucks, tractors, buses, RVs and all other vehicles/equipment with a diesel engine.

When you enhance the performance of your vehicle or equipment it:

Costs less to operate by improving fuel mileageExtends the life of your vehicle by solving performance issuesIncreases your horsepower

Diesel Performance Services

If you would like your vehicle to run longer and better, ask us about our tuning packages.

We use the latest tuning devices to unlock the potential of your vehicle by removing factory restrictions, which unleashes the driving power of your vehicle. ECM programming will also solve more performance issues.

We also offer a wide range of diesel performance accessories including horsepower and towing enhancers, performance exhaust and air filters, specialized sensor gauges and lift-kits for pickups. If it will improve your vehicle, we are sure to have it!