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New and Experienced Operator Training

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Under the Ministry of Labour’s Guidelines for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks and CSA B335-04 states that training is required for all operators.

Duration & Location: The forklift truck operator training course runs for one full day (8:00am-4:00pm) with classroom instruction and skill acquisition. Address: 12024 Dawley Drive, Winchester (30 minutes south of Ottawa)

Next Course Date: Saturday March 23, 2019

Cost: $195/person + HST. Lunch Included.

Style:  In class lecture and hands on training.

Recommended Attendance: This course is designed to train an inexperienced person on the basics of lift truck safety and to recertify the experienced driver. The opportunity for hands-on operation and a subsequent evaluation of skills acquired prepares the new operator for the specific duties they will encounter at the workplace and re-enforces safe operating procedures with the experienced driver.

Equipment: As per the CSA standard B335-04, which states; employees need be trained on the vehicle(s) they will be using, performing the task they would normally do. It is the responsibility of the Employer to do specific training on the forklift at your work location. Participants will be using the equipment provided by Precision Diesel for this training. The forklift we provide is a Class 5 Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Pneumatic Tires).

Documentation: A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this course and a “Record of Training” will be sent to the appropriate administrative personnel.

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Lift Truck Operator Training AGENDA

INTRODUCTION: Including format and facility tour

LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS: Ministry of Labour Guidelines, CSA Standard

LIFT TRUCKS: Uses in Industry, Safety Considerations, Accident Histories

SAFETY: Stability triangle, capacities, load centers, ramps and inclines, elevated loads, pedestrian safety, etc.

PRE-SHIFT INSPECTIONS: Key elements of the lift truck, result documentation.

POWER/FUEL: Batteries, changing and maintenance, propane tank inspection, hazards associated with same.

INSTRUCTION & TESTING: The new operator will receive one-on-one instruction. The new operator has the opportunity to practice basic maneuvers and use attachment controls to prepare them for a standardized, practical test. If successful, a certificate and wallet card will be awarded to the participant.

CONCLUSION: Requirements for site-specific training and operation are discussed with the participants.

Complete this forklift certificate waiver before course.

We also provide Annual Safeties and do repairs on all makes and models of forklifts.