Testimonial 10

Precision diesel is a great place to work. They have the diagnostic tools and equipment to diagnose any piece of equipment that comes in. The work environment is great, the people are nice and itโ€™s a place you look forward to working at everyday.

Testimonial 9

I have only been part of the Precision Diesel team for a short period but from my first day on the job I knew I had made the right choice! This is truly a family business – and Richard and Nanda treat their employees as if they are part of the family. Both of them have a vision of how they would like to see the business grow and I would love to help them achieve that goal. I think the rest of the staff feel the same way!

Testimonial 8

Family run business where everyone is level headed and works hard to get jobs done well. Would recommend to anyone looking to be happy in a place of work!

Testimonial 7

A day at Precision Diesel can be anything from delivering parts to helping in the shop and going to new places sometimes. I enjoy meeting different people on a daily basis and look forward to each day.

Testimonial 6

I have been doing this work for more than 25 years and I have never worked for better people in a better work environment. Here you are not just an employee you are part of the family within a family owned business. I feel thankful every day to have been chosen to be a part of the Precision Diesel family! Come join our team. You will be so glad you did! ๐Ÿ™‚